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Elementary School

Age 7 years old, CV entrance in Islamic Elementary School where near with his home. This ES was the best school in his village and often received award from competition and has become tradition of championship. 1st class, CV received 7th, 10th, 6th ranked in 1 years full and divided by 4 month, often called CAWU (CAtur WUlan). Here CV got a lot of experience how must prepare learning to get the best ranking in class. His parents fulfill literature books. In this class CV couldn’t reading word and still spell learning and for mathematic still using bamboo stick to compute simple math problem.

In 2nd class, CV intends to prove his ability to rise to do the best in class. Here he fast learned about art music, intonation of music and calculation mathematic. In this class, he received 6th, 4th, 3rd ranked in 1 years full. Achievement of CV continue to rise and the teacher encourage spirit to improve hisperformance.

In 3rd class, CV performanced loving in science knowledge and if lesson science, he always received a good mark. Here CV enough fluent reading and calculating. The rank in 1 years were 3rd, 2nd, 3rd and from here resurgence starting and CV was diligent learning and solve question from competence book. 

In 4th class, CV had 2nd, 3rd, 2nd ranked and CV be a leader class and many other organizations. His parents many contribute in his life course because they bought complete book and CV was very happy and always solve that book. His parents not permitted CV work, playing to the river and field. Necessity of parents was CV learning and continue achievement to get the best in class.

In 5th class he got many experience such as be a leader ceremony, leader class and contingent of competition run. His soul was growing up and his mind also so made into a change. He received rank 1st, 1st, 1st in 1 years full and these the best achievement which he has been desire. Due to effort and pray, all of desire can be achieved.

In 6th the top of effort to prove to get the best student in this school. CV get 1st ranked three times in 1 years full and also received the best mark in final exam of Elementary School. CV in this class be a leader of Gerak Jalan 17 Agustus and also Obor subdistric. CV also achieved award 2nd in science subdistric olympic in all elementary school.

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