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Experience since CV in kindergarten so unic, CV with his sister learning and playing there.  Many experience he had done with his friends. CV often cried when his mother left him and not seldom CV went home to follow his mother. In class, CV has a characteristics silent, creative and shame.

CV study in kindergarten with his friends who their house near with CV’s house. Actually CV proceed to the next grade but his age was youger than their friends. So CV follow them and taken these circumstance.

CV parents were loving and teaching how to be a diligent children and smart thinking. His parents always invite him for recreation every 2 weeks. From here, CV’s mind always fresh and could using logic to find future dream.

The best award CV in kindergarten was 2nd championship subdistric painting competition, CV was chosen by teacher because CV ever drawing a bird on a black board. The teacher  thought that picture was good and called CV to follow painting competition.

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