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Junior High School

Age 13 years, CV entered into Islamic Junior High School in Kunir Wonodadi Blitar. CV chose this school because CV has a dream can understand Islamic and applied them to life. His parents suggested that CV be a good child and be a care person. CV school there with his friends in village about 10 childrens. CV went to school by bike and left home at 6 am and arrived school at 6.45 am.
In 1st class, CV entered into heterogen classes which men and women in a class, should class is divided between women in one class and also men. CV into heterogen class because become one favorite classes. CV has characteristic diligent, ashamed and smart. CV always given pocket money by parents Rp. 500 and this must enough to buy food, drink and to kept if happen unexpected something. CV took this condition and done school happily. His father always bought complete literature book and CV spirit to solve every problem in exercise. His father said that will gave college fund and also his mother gave support accompany his study every night. Here CV received both 1st ranked in 1st and 2nd semester. CV showed that he could make his parents proud with his achievement. In final semester and would move to 2nd class, his father died. This disaster made CV deep sadness and couldn’t think about future life because his father that become family backbone. All of friends gave spirit for him and pray for his future live, CV could reach his dream and could make happy his parents such as dream of father during alive. Good bye CV father, I hope your kindness and your charity accepted by Alloh.

In 2nd class, CV must done dependent person after left his father. CV started keeping 2 male goats, CV hunted grass in the field. CV had opportunity after he leaving school. CV lived with his mother which still contain his brother and also with his sister. After 2 month since his father died, his brother was born. This was a happiness and also sadness, happiness because had brother and sadness because confuse about live cost, but Alloh said that coming brother brought live fortune. CV always went home from school at 2 pm and then he must hunted grass until 6 pm. CV’s goat increased always over 12 goats and this was a cost of family live. CV never upset on this live state and done with happiness. During school CV always economize due to money deficit. If rest time, CV still exist in the class not brave leave place because had not money to buy food. So every rest time, CV used that time to solve exercise book and reading book until end of rest time. CV ate at home and after that went to the field. Here CV received both 1st ranked in 1st and 2nd semester. Effort and pray that was done by him got a same achievement. Routinitas time per day after hunted grass at 6 pm and maghrib pray, CV went to the bedroom and woke up 2 am CV for isya' pray, reading Al quran, tahajjud pray then study lesson. This routinitas he was done until 3rd in senior high school. CV gave his mother and also his father (alm) good award although low economical in cost live. Disaster again was motor cycle accident when he with his mother from market. CV took mandible and arm fractura and must be operated for normalize condition whereas his mother only unconscious. This accident happen while holiday so CV no absences and Alhamdulillah still gave live from Alloh, thank to Alloh on this gift fortunate.

In 3rd class, CV school with injury in his arm and operation. CV must drove bike went to school and still spirit and never say die. In this class, CV still must sunat because his friend already sunat since elementary school but CV long ago always crash time with disastrous time such as his father died and motor cycle accident. Here CV chose as team 11 which team as duty school in olympic. Because it, CV must went to school 5.30 am to attend private lesson from teacher about solving of olympic problem. CV get award 1st championship science in Islamic junior high school and also championship in Kediri residence degree. Here CV received both 1st ranked in 1st and 2nd semester and received a good mark in final exam.

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