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Chemical Engineering

Do you know about Chemical Engineering? there is a little story abouit it from my experience why I choose this department. Actually, I have a passion in health field and until I spend my live in this department. In this department, I found a lot of knowledge and experience about innovation and technology process. Chem. Eng makes my live changed because I learned about chemical process in scale indutries and this is very unusual for me. I can knowledge about react many substance to be changed other substance that have different characteristic then the first
Until mid - half semester of total semester at my college, I have not found sense in this department, I still think about medicine department is the best choice in life. But, from day to day I found sense in this department and I also perform like that. Many practical in the laboratory applied and this made me have a challenge to get a lot of knowledge. Here I learned character and high discipline such as practical, research and presentation with lecturer. This character still brought until now and I'm very happy with that lesson, now I feel that lesson required in my job and really applied in the job world.

My message from my experience choose Chem. Eng is don't regret choose that department, because it is one of department which learn all of study in engineering. Chem. Eng learn about process, construction, electric, instrumentation control, mechanical process, environmental management, statistic, economic, design and many others. So, you will get a lot of knowledge and more ready if you will looking for a job and if you are positioned in any position so you have a basic knowledge in the field. Many friends tell about interest in Chem. Eng, by their opinion Chem. Eng is a king in industrial because they know that leading project and production.  Most of job vacancies where empty is Chem . Eng and wherever you see job vacancies, try look that Chem. Eng almost fill in vacancy and why these thing happen? because all of industries need process in manufacturing product so engineer in Chem. Eng can handle this position.

I have a great expectation to be a real engineer, can be a inovator with update innovation. I will do research in according to my educational background. Can provide for many people sharing knowledge so that have benefit for me and other people.

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