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12. To Infinitive dan Gerund

Infinitive ada 2 yaitu :

1. To Infinitive
Beberapa kata kerja yg diikuti "to" :

hope to            plan to            intend to      decide to
promise to       agree to          offer to         refuse to
seem to           appear to        pretend to     ask to
expect to         would like to   want to         need to
tell to               invite to           require to     remind to
advise to          permit to         order to       warn to
encourage to    allow to           force to        learn to

2. Bare Infinitive
Gerund :
Beberapa kata kerja yg diikuti "gerund" :

admitting           delaying             resisting         advicing
recalling            keeping              risking           mentioning
enjoying            avoiding             minding         regreting
tolerating           finishing             forgetting       considering
remembering     understanding    completting    suggesting
denying             stopping            missing           practicing

Beberapa kata kerja yg diikuti "to infinitive dan gerund" :

allow              attempt      begin        fear
cease              continue    deserve     love
hate                intend        like           prefer
neglect            omit          permit
recommend     start          bother

Kata kerja bila diikuti "to" (belum berlangsung) sedangkan bila diikuti "gerund" (sudah berlangsung)
come    remember
forget    stop
mean     try

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