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7. Direct - Indirect Speech (Kalimat Langsung - Tidak Langsung)

Perubahan tenses---------- indirect speech selalu lebih lampau 1 tingkat daripada direct speech

Perubahan adverb :

       Direct                 Indirect

  • Now           Then, at the time
  • Today         That day
  • Tomorrow   The next day, the day after, the following day
  • Yesterday    The day before
  • ...Ago           ...Before
  • Last...          The...before
  • Next...         The...after..., the following...
Example :
Feri said, "I am hungry now"-------- Feri said that he was hungry at the time

Kalimat Tanya :

If / whether + S + P
WH question + S + V

Example :

* Fida asks "what do you want?"--------Fida asks what I want
Feri asked,"are you happy now?"------Feri asked if I was happy then

Kalimat Perintah / Larangan :

Example :
* Bryan said to me, "don't stay to close to the fire!"-------Bryan said to me not to stay close to the fire
* Cellt told her brothers, "bring me ice cream!"------------Celly told her brothers to bring her ice cream

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