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28. Other, Another, Others

  • OTHERmenunjuk pada sesuatu yg berbeda
Example : I write other post in this blog
               Yes, I know Brigit, but who is the other woman next to her?
                     Rachel and Jeff are watching TV. The other girls are out
                     I've found one of my black shoes, but I can't find the other
Juga bisa diartikan utk "yang lain tapi benda jamak"
Example : I don’t want these book. Please give me other books
  • ANOTHER : menunjuk pada sesuatu yg merupakan tambahan
Example :  I ate cookie for dessert and I want another one (tambah satu kue lagi)
                She's seeing another man.' Does her boyfriend know?
                You've already had six whiskies. Give me another
                We still need another piano player
Juga bisa diartikan utk "yang lain tapi benda tunggal"
Example : I don’t want this book. Please give me another book
  • OTHERS : menunjuk pada objek benda ketika tidak menyebutkan bendanya, sama dengan "OTHER" tapi objek benda pada kalimat dihilangkan
Example : The others didn’t want to go the movie, even though I did. (The others disini menggantikan orang lain (other people)
                Tom and Jane have 4 children. They put the children to bed while the others did the cooking
                We don't like these curtains.Could you show us some others ?

                I don’t want these book. Please give me others(others = other books)

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